I Bean There

Coming soon the next gen of social media

I Bean There will help you to connect with people you haven't seen for ages and you may not know where they are or what their last name is. My business plan will require finding talented individuals in programing and web design. We will build a social media platform that will be free of fake news, spy bots and free of fake profiles. how I will do this? I plan on designing the program to run with perimeters that will keep everyone safe and I won't be taking bribes from big business or government. Your information will not be given to any third parties. You won't be profiled or treated like a data fountain. Some data will be required but only to keep anyone from impersonating you. it will have all the benefits of a social media giant with none of the sacrificed privacy. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of please fund me $1 or more and every funder will be given a vip profile from the day of launch again its ibeanthere.com look forward to seeing you there. link to the go fund me page is https://gofund.me/bd346265


Contact ChristopherElliott@ksu.edu to get more information on the project